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Writing With Flair has hundreds of thousands of students enrolled from more than 120 countries. In this newly updated and extended version of his flagship program, Shani Raja reveals the superpower writing tactics of the best news writers and editors. They will help you to stand out in any field of writing.

Course Preview (5mins)

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Mike RockettUser Experience Content Implementer, CXT

This course is evolutionary and transformative. "The amateur writer of themselves and what they want to say. The elite writer yearns to connect with their audience." - Shani Raja

Kevin JonesFreelance Health Content Writer

Wonderful course! I am motivated to employ these techniques in my writing and feel I have the confidence to do so. The ideas are broken down into comprehensible parts so that it was not overwhelming. I also like that I'll be able to go back and review those concepts that I work on. Thank you for great experience.

Miranda GEditor

If you do any kind of editing or writing, this course will help you.

Jane CollinsSenior Communications Consultant, Advice Enablement

Great course. Shani is eloquent and engaging and makes the course fun. The information is well structured and easy to follow. A must for everyone who writes or prepares documents, including people who work in marketing.

Jen BushTherapist/Vocalist

This was an exceptional course. I found the content beneficial and relevant to my livelihood. Shani was wonderful. He relayed the information clearly and concisely. There were numerous examples for every section of the course. I am thankful that this course will improve my writing skills.

Nina GodiwallaProduct Manager

Shani is an excellent instructor. He's pithy and engaging. I learned a lot from this course. This will be one of my favorite training.

 Enrol in the biggest and best online writing course with 349,065+ students worldwide.

4.7/5 from 340K+ students

What You'll Learn in Writing With Flair


1) Write in plain, upbeat language

2) Steer clear of heavy, official language

3) Remove redundant words that make sentences sluggish

4) Discard filler words that produce “hot air”

5) Avoid needlessly complex sentences


1) Create sharp, focused sentences

2) Prevent readers from getting confused or going blank

3) Steer clear of imprecise jargon

4) Make clear distinctions between contrasting ideas

5) Avoid mixing up past, present and future tenses


1) Maintain consistency of style throughout

2) Ensure ideas are parallel

3) Create graceful, flowing narratives

4) Craft delightfully musical sentences

5) Avoid inelegant word echoes


1) Avoid soul-killing clichés

2) Add variety to sentences

3) Bring a fresh scent to your prose

4) Avoid the boring passive voice

5) Create pictures and stir emotions

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“A Perfect All-in-One Course for Beginners”

Efe UjevbiruvbePhotographer/Editor

The course is really insightful, and easy to understand. I would recommend this to other writers out there, looking to improve their writing skills.

Nina GodiwallaChief Diversity Officer

Shani is an excellent instructor. He's pithy and engaging. I learned a lot from this course. This will be one of my favorite training.

Yateen BhoyarInternational Marketing

Shani, you have a style of lucid explanation. Keep it up and help us grow in our journey to a successful career.

Vaishnavi NEditor

A perfect all-in-one course for beginners. A series of thoughtfully designed exercises and writing prompts encourage you to experiment with different forms of writing. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to elevate their writing skills.

Discover the Mindset, Tactics and Habits of an Elite Writer

4.7/5 from 340K+ students

Good writing gives you an edge in business. Listen to what Justin Liang, CEO of the successful startup Inspace, has to say about Shani’s training.

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“"It's so important as a business leader to communicate powerfully to your team, shareholders, press, and your customers. I couldn't recommend Shani's teaching enough to anyone who wishes to improve their communication."”

Justin LiangCEO of Inspace, Forbes Under 30 lister.

Course Content:

7 sections • 81 lectures • 7h 15m total length. 

Section 1: The World of Elite Writing

  • What You Will Learn
  • Tool, Not rules
  • Proof the Secret Sauce Works (Plus “Workbook”)

Section 2: Mindset of An Elite Writer

  • MINDSET PRINCIPLE: Write With Integrity
  • MINDSET PRINCIPLE: Yearn To Connect
  • MINDSET PRINCIPLE: Know Your Intent
  • MINDSET PRINCIPLE: Aspire For Beauty
  • MINDSET PRINCIPLE: Balance The Ingredients Like An Artist
  • MINDSET PRINCIPLE: Don’t Be Obsessed With Perfection

Section 3: Simplicity

  • The Beauty Of Simplicity
  • Fancy, Flowery & Official Language
  • Fancy, Flowery & Official Language (Exercises)
  • Economical (“Tight”) Writing
  • Economical (“Tight”) Writing (Exercises)
  • Redundant Words
  • Redundant Words (Exercises)
  • More Implied Words
  • More Implied Words (Exercises)
  • Long Words
  • Long Words (Exercises)
  • Careless Repetition
  • Careless Repetition (Exercises)
  • Rambling (Saying Too Much)
  • Double Negatives
  • Multiplying Entities
  • Overstretching Thoughts
  • Unnecessary Ceremony
  • Unnecessary Ceremony (Exercises)
  • Excessive Punctuation

Section 4: Clarity

  • The Beauty Of Clarity
  • Fuzzy Thinking
  • Missing Links
  • Out-Of-Focus Ideas
  • Misplaced Modifiers
  • Ambiguity
  • Ambiguity (Exercises)
  • Careless Comparisons
  • Clumsy Contrasts
  • Dubious Distinctions
  • Curly Writing
  • Jargon & Buzzwords
  • Mixing Tenses
  • It Versus They
  • This, That & The
  • Removing Clutter

Section 5: Elegance

  • The Beauty Of Elegance
  • Presentational Elegance (Or “House Style”)
  • Narrative Elegance
  • Narrative Elegance (Exercises)
  • Stray Thoughts
  • Elegant Paragraphs
  • Elegant Paragraphs (Exercises)
  • Timing, Rhythm & Musicality
  • Timing, Rhythm & Musicality (Exercises)
  • Elegant Transitions
  • Parallel Ideas
  • Parallel ideas (Exercises)
  • Word Echoes

Section 6: Evocativeness

  • The Beauty Of Evocativeness
  • Creating Variety
  • Creating Variety (Exercises)
  • Adding Freshness
  • Dramatic & Forceful Writing
  • Dramatic & Forceful Writing (Exercises)
  • Arousing The Senses
  • Reversing Into Sentences
  • Reversing Into Sentences II
  • Passive Sentences
  • Passive Sentences (Exercises)
  • Voice, Tone & Character
  • Voice, Tone & Character (Exercises)

Section 7: Summary

  • Congratulations! You Are An Elite Writer

“Most great teachers can’t write, and most great writers can’t teach. Shani Raja is one of the few who excels at both. I managed dozens of reporters and editors during my 12-year career at Bloomberg. Now he’s the person I go to when I want help with my writing.”


5 sample articles

7 hours on-demand video

Editing workbook

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not happy with the courses, can I get a refund?

We expect you’ll be delighted with your purchase. However, if the content isn’t what you expected, you may request a refund within the 30-day money-back-guarantee window.

Does the course come with email support?

Please email for payment or enrolment issues.

Can I take the courses at my own pace?

Absolutely! All video lectures are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to login and resume watching whenever it suits you. Also, you can take each course as many times as you want!

Do I have lifetime access?

Absolutely. You can access it for as long as you’d like with no extra payment.

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