Writing With Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer

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Have you ever pored over a beautifully written article and wished you could write with the same kind of flair? Then this course is for you.

Join Shani Raja, a former editor for The Wall Street Journal, as he shares practical techniques for making your writing sparkle. In this bestselling course, described by TIME magazine as “informative and helpful,” Shani reveals the superpower writing tactics of the world’s best newspaper editors.

These little known strategies will help you write better blogs, books, reports, essays and LinkedIn posts. The trick is to master four basic ingredients—simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness, the“secret sauce” that is the key to becoming an exceptional writer in your field, industry or profession.

Cuts through everything to the heart of excellent writing... the best course of its type that I’ve seen.


Mr. Raja brings crystal clear enlightenment and a power to writing that many, who have not discovered his teaching, are unaware they can achieve.


The Best Editors on the Planet

Journalists on the biggest newspapers produce punchy, potent and poignant articles every day for millions of readers. Imagine what having such a rare talent could do for your own career, your business or your dreams of becoming a successful author or blogger.

In this unique program, Shani reveals a wide range of writing tactics most people outside journalism know nothing about—but which can make the difference between dull, flat copy and dazzling, captivating prose.

After you learn these little-known techniques, your resumes will fly to the top of the interview pile. Your essays will be the most stylish in your class. Your business emails will shine. Your blogs will attract more followers. And your website will likely get more clicks and conversions.

If you’re serious about improving your job prospects, promoting your business or becoming an influential writer, join more than 80,000 students already enrolled in one of the world’s most popular writing courses.

Taught me in a few hours writing principles that would have taken me years to learn on my own.


The most complete writing course I have taken. I’m really blowing away the competition at work.


Write With Confidence

You may hate writing or find it difficult. If so, this program won’t just demystify the process for you, but it will also likely kindle a love for writing you may not know you had. After learning the trade secrets of the best journalists on the planet, you’ll also emerge a more confident writer, easily able to identify and fix problems in your writing.

Delving into the mindset of an elite writer, Shani first reveals the attitudes, values and habits of top editors in newspapers like The Economist and The Wall Street Journal. Then he shows exactly how those accomplished wordsmiths make their writing riveting every time.

“I learned more from Shani about the art of writing than I ever did at school... was hooked right until the end.”


Not “Tips,” But a Complete Writing System

This program isn’t just a compilation of the “writing tips” that already litter the internet. It’s a complete writing system that takes you fast to the summit of flawless writing.

Take this course and discover how to infuse power and beauty into the soul of your writing so you can produce punchy, crisp, graceful and stimulating prose whenever you choose.

Who This Course Is For

  • Corporate writers
  • Communications professionals
  • Marketing executives
  • Government and nongovernment agencies
  • College and university students
  • Blog writers
  • Job hunters
  • Journalists
  • Small, medium and large businesses
  • Book writers
  • Bloggers
  • Authors

The course comes with an editing workbook, lecture summaries, “live” edits and heaps of examples and exercises.

Writing is no longer uncertain, confusing and ambiguous for me