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Premium-Quality, Self-Paced Courses to Evolve You Quickly Into an Expert Writer

If you’re ready to make your writing dazzle, the Executive Writer’s Package was made for you. The subscription package is built on four outstanding foundational courses designed to drive you to the summit of flawless writing quickly and reliably. At our introductory offer of $10 a month for an entire year, it’s also exceptional value. So, are you ready to learn four powerful perspectives that will change your writing forever and put you on a par with some of the best writers and editors on the planet? Then read on…

In Writing With Flair, Shani’s bestselling course with close to half a million students enrolled, you will discover how to work magic with the key ingredients of exceptional writing—simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness. You will learn to use these four ingredients to make your writing sparkle and sizzle every time. Ninja Writing will take your understanding to the next level by revealing the four “levels” of writing mastery—namely, the narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words. Drilling down into each level one at a time, you will be able to make subtle-yet-substantial refinements to your writing that readers will appreciate.

In Editing Mastery, you will discover how to edit your writing close to perfection using Shani’s powerful lens of content, structure, style and presentation. Your instructor will teach you step-by-step how to make any type of messy, clunky writing read beautifully. Finally, Punctuation Mastery teaches you how to spit-and-polish your writing through the stylish use of punctuation such as commas, dashes and semicolons.

Together these four blockbuster courses offer you the fastest route to writing mastery, regardless of whether you mainly write blogs, books, research papers, news reports, marketing copy or work emails.

Writing With Flair: How to Become an Exceptional Writer

Shani Raja rose to prominence as a writing instructor with his trademark “four ingredients” of good writing—simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness. This secret sauce, as he calls it, is capable of making anything you write more engaging, arousing and captivating.
In Shani’s flagship writing course, you will learn how to optimise these four ingredients for the biggest impact, as well as how to carefully blend and balance them with the dexterity of a master chef. The result will be punchy, crisp, graceful and stimulating writing every time.
With these teachings, you will max out your chances of becoming an exceptional writer within your industry, field or profession.

Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

Now that you’ve mastered the four ingredients of exceptional prose, it’s time to discover the four “levels” of writing mastery. This powerful new perspective will take you further along the path to becoming an elite writer.
The course demonstrates that writing can usefully be divided into four layers—the narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words. A Ninja Writer makes subtle refinements at each level to ensure their copy always dazzles its audience.
Discover in this meticulous training how to organise your prose into neatly flowing sections, weave ideas through perfectly crafted paragraphs, make sentences optimally readable and create magical effects with the skilful placement of words.

Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection

In Writing With Flair, you learned the four ingredients of exceptional writing, and in Ninja Writing, the four levels of writing mastery. Now, find out how to brilliantly edit your own writing—and that of others.
Shani will guide you through the four “dimensions” of standout writing—its content, structure, style and presentation—and show you how to boost your writing skills a thousandfold.
Learn what vital questions to ask about your content to make sure everything stays relevant and worthwhile. Find out how to create perfect transitions between every point in your copy. Make the writing read well by enhancing its style and structure. And improve the aesthetics of your prose by attending closely to the way it’s presented.
After mastering the three criss-crossing frameworks presented in Writing With Flair, Ninja Writing and Editing Mastery, your evolution from masterful to elite writer is almost complete.

Punctuation Mastery: How to Use Punctuation With Style

The crowning of an elite writer occurs once you’ve learned how to use punctuation with impeccable style.
While it’s important to know punctuation from a formal grammar perspective, it’s also useful to consider it from the standpoint of  style, flair and impact. At this level of the writing game, the traditional rules don’t necessarily apply.
Don’t expect, therefore, to learn the “proper” rules of punctuation for their own sake. Instead, prepare to view the subject through the eyes of an elite writer—who sees these symbols as powerful tools for designing more engaging, captivating and beautiful writing.

What Students Are Saying

This level of teaching is what I would expect to pay big $$ for.


Boosted my writing by one thousand percent.


You've probably been bored with so many writing teachers who emphasize ‘structure’ through grammar tips and organization with a shot of word selection. But Shani covers that missing component: the artistry of writing. Writing can be just as fulfilling as painting, drawing or designing.


Even my degree did not teach me to write at these levels.