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A Nontechnical Guide to Using Punctuation With Style

4.5/5 from 31,720 students

Master the Art of Punctuation and Make Your Writing Sizzle

Do you spend ages wondering where a comma should go, and then doubt yourself straight afterwards? Do you often end up with a random mess of semicolons littering the page and distracting from your message? Did you know that you can use a dash, or a colon, to create dramatic tension in your writing? This course shuns the usual boring, technical language around punctuation and shows you how to use it intuitively in a way that resonates with readers.

Course Preview (4mins)

People Absolutely Love This Course

Rhett S.

This course been a great help in answering my questions regarding proper punctuation such as: usage of colons, semicolons, and whether punctuation is to be placed within or without periods.
I look forward to learning more in the following lessons.

Kati D.

I love how informative the course was in explaining how each punctuation mark adds life and colour to a piece of writing.

Alvin C.

Clear instruction with great examples. A nice mixture of basics and tips for more advanced writers.

John 5.

Being someone who didn't understand where to place a comma, it has helped me make use of many writing tools I didn't have any command over. Covering differences between American, British; formal and informal writing standards, Shani Raja will break down all of those principles with ease. Not one to usually write reviews, I was completely amazed. Highly recommend to anyone who writes a lot or wishes to improve on this skill.

Jennifer A.

The course was a good match. I have been out of school for a long while and am no longer confident with punctuation rules. It is refreshing to see that, concerning punctuation, things have evolved and now include a more creative approach. It opened my mind to a different way of using punctuation.

Thank you.

 Unlock the Power of Punctuation


Course Content:

11 sections • 39 lectures • 2h 33m total length. 

Section 1: Why Punctuation Matters

Lecture 1: How To Use Punctuation Like A Pro

Lecture 2: Punctuation: Why Bother?

Section 2: Clever Commas

Lecture 3: Commas For Clarity

Lecture 4: Commas To Aid Comprehension

Lecture 5: Commas To Add Elegance

Lecture 6: Commas To Extend A Point

Lecture 7: Commas To Insert A Ponit

Lecture 8: Quiz

Section 3: Comely Colons

Lecture 9: Colons To Introduce Lists

Lecture 10: Colons To Answer A Thought

Lecture 11: Colons To Create Anticipation

Lecture 12: Quiz

Section 4: Suave Semi-Colons

Lecture 13: Semi-Colons To Tidy Up Lists

Lecture 14: Semi-Colons To Complete Thoughts

Lecture 15: Quiz

Section 5: Exciting Exclamations

Lecture 16: The Function Of Exclaimation Marks

Lecture 17: Quiz

Section 6: Killer Quote Marks

Lecture 18: Quote Marks (Or Inverted Commas) For Speech

Lecture 19: Other Uses For Quote Marks

Lecture 20: Dangers Of Quote Marks

Lecture 21: Quiz

Section 7: Ace Apostrophes

Lecture 22: How To Use Apostrophes

Lecture 23: Apostrophes To Sound Less Formal

Lecture 24: Quiz

Section 8: Boring Brackets

Lecture 25: Why Brackets Aren’t So Cool

Lecture 26: Brackets To Aid Comprehension

Lecture 27: Quiz

Section 9: Daring Dashes

Lecture 28: Dashes To Add Drama

Lecture 29: Dashes For Definition & Significance

Lecture 30: Dashes To Prevent Getting Lost

Lecture 31: Quiz

Section 10: Handy Hyphens

Lecture 32: Hyphens Can Be Tricky

Lecture 33: Hyphens To Prevent Confusion

Lecture 34: Hyphens To Quicken Comprehension

Lecture 35: Quiz

Section 11: Summary & Conclusion

Lecture 36: Review Of What You’ve Learnt

Lecture 37: Punctuation Mastery Quiz (PDF)

4.5/5 from 31,720 students


If I'm not happy with the courses, can I get a refund?

We expect you’ll be delighted with your purchase. However, if the content isn’t what you expected, you may request a refund within the 30-day money-back-guarantee window.

Can I take the courses at my own pace?

Absolutely! All video lectures are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to login and resume watching whenever it suits you. Also, you can take each course as many times as you want!

Do I have lifetime access?

Absolutely. You can access it for as long as you’d like with no extra payment.

Punctuation Helps Make Your Writing Simple, Clear, Elegant and Evocative


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