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Shani Raja explores the secrets of good communication with experts in the fields of writing, persuasion, and public speaking.


Episode 6: Getting Comfortable Being You

Is it possible to overcome crippling shyness and become a confident communicator at work and in your social life? Absolutely, says TJ Guttormsen, who has helped countless clients achieve just such a transformation.

Episode 5: The Art of Telling Stories

How do you make your writing connect with readers? Vera Sprothen is a gifted storyteller who wrote for The Wall Street Journal and co-authored an influential book on the gig economy. 

Episode 4: How to Ace a Ted Talk

How are Ted talks chosen? And how are they edited to make an impact? Della Zhuang, who has the enviable task of picking TEDx Talks, shares her experiences. 

Episode 3: Way of the Fearless Communicator

The key to communicating fearlessly is being authentic, says Weh Yeoh, who stays true to himself whether he’s networking with strangers, blogging on controversial topics or delivering a Ted Talk.

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Episode 2: Blogging With Style in Toronto

How do you craft engaging content for a niche audience? We ask Nicolas Johnson, a senior editor for Bloomberg News in Tokyo before he returned to Toronto to start life as a blogger.

Episode 1: Do You Have a Book in You?

How can aspiring novelists create compelling story ideas, riveting plotlines and memorable characters? Jessica Brody, a bestselling author of teen fiction, shares her secrets.


Episode 7: Selling With Flair

How do you become a powerfully persuasive salesperson? Misa Zhang should know. She brought in bags of money for leading news organisations, including Reuters, Dow Jones and The Wall Street Journal.


Episode 8: The Joy of Corporate Writing

Do you dream of becoming a professional copywriter? Large firms pay Grant Butler‘s Editor Group to write and edit everything from annual reports to ad copy.

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