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Join 203,155+ Students Taking Their Writing to the Next Level. Train Yourself to Become a Ninja Writer and Watch How You Begin to Stand Out From the Crowd.

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Learn the Advanced Science of Writing

In Shani Raja’s foundational course, Writing With Flair, he teaches how to use the four ingredients of simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness to supercharge your writing. In the world-renowned Ninja Writing, Shani trains you to become a Ninja Writer by tapping into the four levels of writing mastery—the narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words. This powerful new perspective will advance your understanding of the craft of writing to expert levels.

Course Preview (3mins)

Writing skills are essential if you want to become influential. Listen to what Weh Yeoh, author of Redundant Charities, has to say about Shani’s teachings.

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“Word economy, using the right tone. getting the right words in the right position... these are all things Shani is an absolute genius at, and I've just benefitted so much from working my words back and forth with him.”

Weh YeohAuthor of Redundant Charities.

Join Tens of Thousands of Satisfied Students

“Excellent lessons on digging deeper into your writing to get clearer on narrative style and voice, different paragraph styles and sentence structures and precise word choice.”

Chantel DaCostaEditor

“These videos by Shani give a new writer clear direction on how to work through the development of structure for clear writing by way of knowing your audience and clear intentions for the article.”

Scott SavageContent Writer

“The lesson is very revealing and if you are ever confused about how to go about writing any piece, then you certainly need to give it a shot. It's practical and easy to follow. This is where you learn to put writer's block to rest and write as a professional.”

Uche kaluSEO Copywriter

Enjoyed by More Than 200K Students Worldwide

4.6 / 5 from 200K+ students

What You'll Learn in Ninja Writing

1. The Narrative Level

You will learn how to build elegantly structured narratives that flow beautifully, how to begin your writing with a bang and end with a flourish, and how to embed powerful imagery within your texts.

2. The Paragraph Level

You will learn how a ninja writer weaves their ideas and points through beautifully arranged paragraphs.

3.The Sentence Level

You will discover how ninja writers transform complex, bloated and inelegant sentences into sharp, graceful and rhythmic expressions of their ideas.

4. The Word Level

You will learn how to choose precise and colourful words over bland and vague ones, and you will discover how to remove words that add dead weight to your writing.

Thousands of Happy Customers  Can’t be Wrong

“Raja's presentation 'Ninja Writing' is very helpful. The content is good and his delivery makes him easy to follow and the points easy to grasp.”

Christopher BrodberColumnist

“Great course! Highly recommend to people who want to brush up their writing skills to next level.”

Pramod khatiwadaSenior Business Analyst

“The delivery of the material is just right. I am confident that my writing will show improvement.”

Harold RoseChemical Technician

Join 203,155+ Students Taking Their Writing to the Next Level. Become a Ninja Writer and Stand Out From Your Peers, Colleagues and Competitors.


Course content

7 sections • 81 lectures • 7h 15m total length. 

Section 1: Introduction

  • Lecture 1: The Rocket Science Of Writing
  • Lecture 2: The Four Ninja Levels
  • Lecture 3: A Quick Proof

Section 2: The Narrative

  • Lecture 4: How To Find Your Voice
  • Lecture 5: How To Kickstart A Narrative
  • Lecture 6: How To Organize Your Narrative
  • Lecture 7 – Killer Intros
  • Lecture 8: Cool Kickers
  • Lecture 9: Other Types Of Narrative
  • Lecture 10: How To Embed Imagery
  • Lecture 11: Ninja Writing Exercises: THE NARRATIVE
  • Lecture 12: Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: SYMMETRY
  • Lecture 13: Bonus Ninja Tactics #2: HOW TO EXTEND A NARRATIVE
  • Lecture 14 : Bonus ninja tactics #3: HOW TO GET A FRESH PERSPECTIVE

Section 3: Paragraphs

  • Lecture 15: Why Have Paragraphs
  • Lecture 16: Different Paragraph Styles
  • Lecture 17: Ninja Writing Exercises: PARAGRAPHS
  • Lecture 18: Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: SUPERTHINK PARAGRAPHS

Section 4: Sentence

  • Lecture 19: How To Recognize A Non-Sentence
  • Lecture 20: How To Tighten Sentences
  • Lecture 21: How To Sharpen Sentences
  • Lecture 22: How To Give Sentences Rhythm
  • Lecture 23: How To Produce Poetic Sentences
  • Lecture 24: How To Create Emphasis
  • Lecture 25: How To Whip Up Drama
  • Lecture 26: Don’t Give Readers Whiplash
  • Lecture 27: Stick To What’s Necessary
  • Lecture 28: Avoid Back Referencing
  • Lecture 29: Avoid Run-On Ambiguity
  • Lecture 30: Ninja Writing Exercises: SENTENCES
  • Lecture 31: Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: WRITE FOR YOUR GRANDMA
  • Lecture 32: Bonus Ninja #2: THE ONE BREATH READBACK

Section 5: Words

  • Lecture 33: Choose Precise Words
  • Lecture 34: Avoid Technical, Abstract Words
  • Lecture 35: Choose Colorful Words
  • Lecture 36: Notice Implied Words
  • Lecture 37: Avoid Pointless Distinctions
  • Lecture 38: Degrees Of Orderliness
  • Lecture 39: Create More Special Effects
  • Lecture 40: The Power Of Reminder Words
  • Lecture 41: Words That Sound Good Together
  • Lecture 42: Numbers Into Words, Titles Into Descriptions
  • Lecture 43: Don’t Overemphasize
  • Lecture 44: How To Slice Syllables
  • Lecture 45: Ninja Writing Exercises: WORDS
  • Lecture 46: Bonus Ninja Tactics #1: HOW TO BOOST YOUR VOCABULARY
  • Lecture 47: Bonus Ninja Writing Tactics #2: OBSOLETE HYPHENS

Section 6: Conclusion

  • Lecture 48: Quick Wrap-Up
  • Lecture 49: Where Next?
  • Lecture 50: Ninja Writer’s Checklist
4.6 / 5 from 200K+ students

If I'm not happy with the courses, can I get a refund?

We expect you’ll be delighted with your purchase. However, if the content isn’t what you expected, you may request a refund within the 30-day money-back-guarantee window.

Can I take the courses at my own pace?

Absolutely! All video lectures are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to login and resume watching whenever it suits you. Also, you can take each course as many times as you want!

Does the course come with email support?

Please email for payment or enrolment issues.

Do I get lifetime access?

Absolutely. You can access it for as long as you’d like with no extra payment.

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