Ninja Writing: The Four Levels of Writing Mastery

Learn the Rocket Science of Blog, Book & Business Writing

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Discover the Four Levels of Writing

Truly great nonfiction writers do more than just clearly communicate their ideas—they dazzle. These elite professionals have the ability to craft taut, elegant sentences that flow together in a way that is almost musical.

In this course, instructor Shani Raja—a former editor for The Wall Street Journal—shares tactics that can help take you to the summit of flawless writing.

In Writing With Flair, Shani taught the “four ingredients” of exceptional writing: simplicity, clarity, elegance and evocativeness. Now, he teaches you how to become a Ninja Writer by tapping into the power of the “four levels” of writing mastery—narrative, paragraphs, sentences and words.

This brand new perspective will give you even more power to craft compelling copy and turn you from an exceptional writer into a masterful one. Whether you’re writing a marketing email, an essay or a cover letter, this course will help you communicate with exquisite style.

I feel like an inspired artist with... potential to create a masterpiece.


Writing techniques down to the atomic levels of a narrative.


Subtle Tweaks, Big Explosions

How can one piece of writing bore you to tears while another, on the same subject, holds you captivated? The author of the livelier copy is likely a Ninja Writer, whose skill lies in drilling through the four levels of writing to focus on increasingly finer details—from the broad narrative down through the paragraph, sentence and word layers.

This high degree of attention to detail enables subtle tweaks at previously unseen layers of a piece of writing that can dramatically alter the way it reads. After adding these Ninja Writing techniques to your arsenal, you’ll become empowered to build quality into every detail of your prose—making it resonate at the highest possible frequency.

This fantastic course should be in every writer’s toolbox.


Opens your eyes to all that writing could be.


Boosted my writing by one thousand percent.


The Rocket Science of Writing

You might be a competent writer already. But like most people, you probably find it hard to make your writing really stand out. As a result, your influence—at work or on social media—is bound to be limited.

For Ninja Writers, however, it’s easy to get their blogs, books and social media posts noticed—giving them a better shot at fame, respect and widespread recognition.

Discover in this course how to construct beautiful narratives, build elegant paragraphs, create tight, bright sentences and use words that bring colour, freshness and vitality to your writing.

Afterwards, you’ll find it easy to turn weary marketing emails into persuasive sales pitches; lacklustre cover letters into irresistible calling cards; dreary college essays into compelling arguments; and lifeless blogs into poignant masterpieces.

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This level of teaching is what I would expect to pay big $$ for.


I went from struggling to write fewer than five hundred coherent words in two hours to easily churning out well written, well thought out content in less than 20 minutes.


Boosted my writing by one thousand percent.


A Seismic Shift

In Ninja Writing, you’ll master each of the four levels in turn. At the narrative level, you’ll discover how to connect with your audience, arrange your ideas into neat sections, start your piece with a bang and end it with a flourish—all while embedding your copy with powerful imagery.

Next, you’ll learn how to weave your points through perfectly formed paragraphs, so that your writing always looks supremely ordered and neat. You’ll learn how to turn limp and bloated sentences into crisp, concise and rhythmic expressions of your ideas. And you’ll discover how to choose precise and colourful words that make your writing more engaging.

By drilling into each level one by one, you’ll ensure that no stone is left unturned in the quest for quality. With heaps of examples and exercises along the way, Ninja Writing is designed to create a seismic shift in your writing ability and elevate your prose to a plane most people don’t even know exists.

You've probably been bored with so many writing teachers who emphasize ‘structure’ through grammar tips and organization with a shot of word selection. But Shani covers that missing component: the artistry of writing. Writing can be just as fulfilling as painting, drawing or designing.


Even my degree did not teach me to write at these levels.