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Liberate Your Mind From Social Programming and Live Life on Your Own Terms

How Terminal Cancer Led Me to Bliss, Freedom and Self-Discovery

Empowering Your Journey to Authentic Fulfilment With a Unique Brand of Wellness Coaching

The Limits of Therapy and Personal Development

Move Beyond Your Personality Into Beingness

"I'm experiencing unparalleled happiness."

“Shani guided me through raw and deep self-discovery. It empowered me to liberate myself from external influences and find genuine, complete freedom, leading to unparalleled happiness. I highly recommend his coaching to those seeking true personal transformation.”

Victoria ChunEntrepreneur, Seoul

"I'm freer, lighter and happier."

“Shani's method makes sense to me and works for me. The more I do the exercises, the freer, lighter and happier I feel.”

Nicolas JohnsonLife Coach, Toronto

"I'm no longer easily triggered."

“After suffering for years from my fractured relationship with my mum, Shani's coaching began to shift my perceptions. The things she says no longer trigger me in the way they used to, and now I can just laugh and enjoy her company, which means the world to me, as I know I don’t have forever with her.”

Liz KentDigital Marketing Specialist, Sydney

"Taught me how to flow with life's challenges."

“I had lost my way and confidence. Feeling like a failure, I even started turning to alcohol for comfort. Shani guided me to recognise my choices and, most importantly, taught me how to flow with life's challenges, instead of drowning in my thinking.”

FRANKY GUNAWANOnline Producer, Sydney

Introducing the Life-Changing 1-on-1 Live Coaching Program:




8-Week Transformational Program

Deprogram Your Mind, Transcend Your Personality, Access Higher Intelligence, and Bathe in the Bliss of the Present Moment

Bliss & Beyond Week-by-Week Schedule

  • Week 1 – Your Character and You
Where you learn how to tangibly distinguish your personality from your true self.
  • Week 2 – The Power of Not Thinking
Where you discover how to flow from your "beingness" instead of from your limited thinking mind.
  • Week 3 – Ditching Social Roles and Obligations
Where you learn to detach from any identification with inauthentic roles that constrict your love.
  • Week 4 – Deleting Your Core Malicious Programs
Where we dig deeper to uproot hidden social programming that curtails your freedom and disrupts your flow.
  • Week 5 – Accessing Your True Vision
Where we start tapping into your true desires instead of those of your ego mind identity.
  • Week 6 – Manifesting Your Intention
Where you learn how to manifest what your true self desires through vibrational engineering.
  • Week 7 – Channeling Healing Energy
Where you discover the art of opening your crown chakra and channelling intelligent healing energy throughout your body, and out from your palms to others.
  • Week 8 – Maintaining Your Ascension
Where I set you on the path to ever-increasing ascension toward self-realisation.

Additional Services

How Shani’s Life Experiences Shaped His Wellness Coaching

Shani Raja’s varied and inspiring life includes a long stint as an editor for The Wall Street Journal, singlehandedly building a 6-figure passive-income business teaching writing skills to more than a million people, and surviving a stage-four cancer diagnosis (watch the video to learn more about his journey). If you’re drawn to Shani’s energy and experiences and would like to discover how his unique training methods could lead to greater wellbeing and authentic self-expression, go ahead and book a free discovery call.

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Express yourself fully and freely in each moment.

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