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Join More Than  140,000 Students Discovering the “Deep Editing” Secrets of the World’s Best Editors. Learn How to Edit Your Own and Others’ Writing Like a Pro.

4.7/5 from 140K+ students

Discover the Art of Editing with Shani Raja’s Masterclass

Most editors can do a fine job of fixing up the spelling, grammar and typos in a piece of writing. It takes a different level of skill to turn disorganised, dry and clunky prose into beautifully organised writing, bristling with life and energy. Editing Mastery teaches you the art and science of editing in a fun, reliable and memorable way so that you too can write and edit like a pro.

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Our Students Absolutely Love Shani’s Courses

“I've now taken all Shani's writing and editing courses. Speaking as a business writer, they are the best resources on written communication I have come across in my career.”

Clement Lim

“This is the course that I have returned to a number of times since finishing it. It is that good and that relevant to me! Shani's style is easy to understand and follow. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in editing and writing.”

Ariane Tulloch

“The workshop model was vital for mastery of the content. I highly encourage dedicating the time to complete the practice.”

Susan Trencansky

Over 140K+ students enrolled worldwide

4.7/5 from 140K+ students

Master the editing process to gain total dominance over your own and others’ writing.

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“Shani brings a deep understanding for language and how to refine it... and he delivers the material in such a friendly, empathetic way that people really enjoy learning from him.”

Grant ButlerAuthor, journalist and founder of Editor Group.

More Reviews from Happy Students

Very good examples and in-depth tools for mastery.

Liesl-Anne p.

Very clear and user-friendly framework and tools, and well presented.

Carol S.

Excellent, I am actually learning practical tools to improve my writing.

Wendy Foster

What You Will Learn in Editing Mastery

The Content Edit

Make sure every point in a text is unique, comprehensible, factually correct and worthwhile.

The Structure Edit

Learn how to place points in an orderly narrative that flows elegantly from start to finish.

The Style Edit

Ensure all ideas are expressed simply, clearly, elegantly and evocatively.

The Presentation Edit

Fix mistakes , typos and inconsistencies that may create a bad look for any type of professional writing.

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I have trained several hundred editors over the course of my carreer, and this is definitely one of the better training modules for people beginning their career journey as an editor. Too many editors - even experienced ones - don't engage with the content and structure of the work they are editing on a deep enough level, and I appreciate the focus on that in this course.

Sam BirchEditor
2 articles
6.5 hours on-demand video
54 downloadable resources

Course content:

7 sections • 81 lectures • 7h 15m total length. 

Section 1: The Magic Of Deep Editing

  • What is deep editing
  • The deep editing framework
  • How this is going to work

Section 2: The Content Edit

  • What is the territory of the piece
  • Sample article
  • What is its ultimate purpose?
  • What are the individual points?
  • Demonstration: Breaking up the points
  • Does every point make sense?
  • Demonstration: Making sense of each point
  • Is every point relevant?
  • Demonstration: Deleting irrelevant points
  • Is every point worthwhile?
  • Demonstration: Eliminating rambling
  • Is every point unique?
  • Demonstration: Getting rid of repetition
  • Are all the “facts” correct?
  • Demonstration: Verifying the “facts”
  • Is anything missing?
  • Demonstration: Adding in missing information

Section 3: The Structure Edit

  • What is the “angle”?
  • Demonstration: Choosing your angle
  • What are the key sections?
  • Demonstration: Creating categories
  • What is the narrative structure?
  • Demonstration: Creating a narrative
  • Are the points ordered elegantly?
  • Demonstration: Ordering points within sections

Section 4: The Style Edit

  • Is there a narrative definition?
  • Demonstration: Creating narrative “turns”
  • Does it read well?
  • Demonstration: Making the piece read well
  • Is there any clutter?
  • Demonstration: Clearing up the clutter
  • Are the paragraphs in good shape?
  • Demonstration: Arranging paragraphs
  • Could it start better?
  • Demonstration: Creating a jazzy intro
  • Could it end better?
  • Demonstration: Creating a snazzy ending
  • Can we make it more evocative?
  • Demonstration: Adding color to the narrative
  • Is every person and entity correctly introduced?
  • Demonstration: Tidy references

Section 5: The Presentation Edit

  • Is the spelling, grammar, punctuation respectable?
  • Demonstration: Taking care of the basics
  • Do the headlines and text square up?
  • Demonstration: Title matching
  • Is everything consistent?
  • Demonstration: Fixing inconsistencies
  • Read out loud
  • Demonstration: Addressing trip-ups

Section 6: Conclusion and Bonuses

  • Congratulations! You are an elite editor!
  • Some final exercises

Over 140k+ students enrolled worldwide

4.7/5 from 140K+ students

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm not happy with the courses, can I get a refund?

Hopefully this won’t be the case, but if the content isn’t what you expected you can request a refund within the 30 day money back guarantee window.

When do the courses start?

All video lectures are pre-recorded, so you’ll be able to login and resume watching whenever it suits you. Also, you can take each course as many times as you want!

Will I need to purchase anything else once I'm inside the courses?

Inside some of the courses, you may see the instructor recommend products or services to help you get results faster. However, these extra purchases are never required and you will still get all the benefits of the course without these extra tools.

How do I get answers to questions about the courses?

You can always contact support for technical-related questions.

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