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Shani Raja has coached authors, journalists and copywriters from Sydney to San Francisco. His corporate clients include Australia’s Telstra Corp. and Jack Dorsey’s fintech company, Block Inc.

“After receiving a publishing deal on a book I'd been writing on Warren Buffett's early success, I wanted a writing coach to help strengthen the quality of my work. It had been years since I had been provided constructive feedback on my writing but I knew I needed some help. Since I'd already taken one of Shani's courses, I was somewhat familiar with him. I reached out, expecting Shani's writing consults to be mostly technical touch-ups to my book. While I certainly did get that, Shani went much further, challenging me to explore new perspectives in my book and unearthing deeper layers to my writing. Prior to the coaching, I'd often feel my writing was missing something. Shani helped quickly identify those issues and supplied the techniques needed to fix them. Writing can often be a very lonely and stressful endeavor, but Shani helped make it a joy. I recommend Shani’s coaching program to fellow authors and writers in need of honest and constructive feedback who want to push their work to higher levels.”

Brett GardnerAuthor of Buffett's Early Investments

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