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Ex-Wall Street Journal editor Shani Raja teaches you how to write with the style and flair of the world’s best journalists.


Learn the Secret Sauce of Great Writing in less than 45 minutes. (More than 247,758 people enrolled in this free online course.) 

Imagine you could write with the style and flair of journalists on newspapers like The Economist, The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal. These elite professionals don’t just craft crisp, clear copy—they dazzle. Is your writing wordy, confusing, clunky or boring? It won’t be after I teach you their little-known secrets.
Watch the video to learn the biggest secret to writing well.

Bestselling Premium Online Courses

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Secret Sauce of Great Writing

How to Make Your Writing Sparkle


Introduction to the four basic ingredients of good writing.

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With Flair

How to Become an Exceptional Writer


Make your writing optimally simple, clear, elegant, and evocative.

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The Four Levels of Writing Mastery


Refine your writing with these powerful ninja-writing tactics.

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How to Edit Writing to Perfection


Edit your own and others’ writing to perfection.

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How to Use Punctuation Like a Pro


Use commas, dashes and semicolons with exquisite style.

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A Crash Course

in Writing Well

Write With More Style, Flair and Impact


Discover the shortcut to writing and editing with style.

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The most complete writing course I have taken. I’m really blowing away the competition at work.


Even my degree did not teach me to write at these levels.


Cuts through everything to the heart of excellent writing.


Takes a genius to make the complex and difficult look exceedingly easy.


Exactly what I needed to clear up all confusions I had about punctuation.


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Weh Yeoh
Author of Redundant Charities.
Justin Liang
CEO of Inspace, Forbes Under 30 lister.
Grant Butler
Author, journalist and founder of Editor Group.
Kevin Tsai
Marketing Director at World KNK.

More About Shani Raja


Shani, seen here planning news coverage with reporter Ian Talley, has written for The Economist, reported for Bloomberg News, and edited for The Wall Street Journal. Today, Shani’s Alchemy of Writing Podcast, which explores the secrets of good communication, is growing fast on Spotify.


Shani, standing here next to the famous math tutor Eddie Woo, left journalism to teach and has since become one of the world’s best-known writing instructors. More than a million students are currently enrolled in Shani’s various online classes, which teach people the writing secrets of first-class journalists.


Shani is currently working on his first book, The Alchemy of Writing, which explores the art and science of writing well. The book crystallizes and augments the teachings in his bestselling online courses. A second book, whose title and subject remain a secret, is also in the works.

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